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The Benefits of the Adobe Content Server

Turgay Birand

March 24, 2013

Many authors who publish their own ebooks often contemplate about what the effects of piracy would be for their earning potential, and the possible scenarios aren’t all that attractive. To combat piracy, the ebook industry has taken to the use of DRM (digital rights management) technology as a method of protecting the rights of the author. Unfortunately, many eBook owners tend to view most DRM technologies as a violation of their rights as an eBook owner. Quite a lot of people on both sides, however, find Adobe Content Server as an acceptable compromise. How Adobe Content Server Helps Authors Adobe Content Server is somewhat expensive, which is why it offers a lot of benefits to the authors who use the system. (However, it must be noted that a our EditionGuard system that’s based on Adobe Content Server can be availed at much more reasonable rate by smaller companies and self-published authors.) The features it offers include:
  1. Authors pay a few cents per transaction, with rates varying depending on how the ebook is distributed. However, the rather hefty initial startup fee does cover any amount of servers and files.
  2. If an author already has current content management solutions, the Adobe Content Server is easy enough to integrate. It is also easy enough to administer through the Admin Console or through APIs.
  3. Authors can use the system to sell ebooks in both PDF and EPUB form.
  4. The system can be used to control when permissions for lending can expire.
  5. Authors can take advantage of the improved security offered by the encryption technology on the Adobe Content Server.
How Adobe Content Server Benefits Ebook Owners A lot of ebook owners hate proprietary formats that allow only a single type of device to read a particular ebook. Some owners have even had to buy multiple versions of the same book in order to enjoy it on their various devices. With Adobe Content Server, however, owners can manage their ebooks on Windows and Mac OS platforms, plus on their mobile devices as well. How Adobe Content Server Benefits the Ebook Industry as a Whole Although it is a fact that not everyone is enamored with the existence of Digital Rights Management systems like Adobe Content Server, it is also a fact that the ebook landscape would have been vastly different without it. Far fewer digital books would have been offered online because larger publishing companies would not have agreed to the proliferation of the ebook versions of their printed books without some form of technological protection against piracy. In addition, systems like Adobe Content Server encourage self-published authors to offer their work commercially online because of the protection they receive. Without a system like Adobe Content Server, most people who release their own ebooks would earn far less from their work, and most self-published ebooks would be limited to self-serving promotional marketing literature. With a system like Adobe Content Server, authors are protected and consumers enjoy a wider ebook market without the annoying features of other DRM methods. All in all, it’s a win-win scenario.

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