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eBook DRM Protection

EditionGuard protects your eBooks with Adobe DRM or Social DRM so you don't have to worry about piracy.

Keep Your eBooks Safe

We know how important it is to keep your eBooks safe. That is why we offer Adobe DRM and Social DRM protection options. All you have to do is choose which scheme works best for you.
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Easy To Implement

EditionGuard fully integrates into your website with a turnkey solution or easy API, so you can be up and running in no time.

Start Selling eBooks In An Hour or Less

Spend less time setting up your store and more time selling your eBooks! With our Turnkey integrations and easy to implement API, you can start selling today. It’s that easy.
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Nothing But Profit

EditionGuard's fixed rates mean that you'll never have to fork over a percentage of your profit just to use a DRM system.

Your Books. Your Profit.

At EditionGuard we believe in ensuring our customers can retain as much of their profit as possible. We cover the costly fees so you can spend less and make more.
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Give Readers A Choice

Distribute securely-encrypted ePub and PDF eBooks to your readers with support for over 150 devices and mobile apps.

More Compatibility Matters

We live in a world full of devices. With EditionGuard your eBooks will be compatible with 150+ devices, which means your readers can read your content anywhere.

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“Your interface is really easy to use. We are already selling eBooks in our webshop in less than a week!”
Emile Schenk, Narayana Books
“To acquire an Adobe license on our own would be very costly, but to share so much of the retail price with Amazon is costly too. EditionGuard enabled us to sell our eBooks directly to our customers.”
Katy DiSavino, Samuel French, Inc.
“I have been using EditionGuard for the last year. It’s a product that’s super easy to setup and the support team was always there to help me along the way. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to start selling eBooks securely with DRM.”
Gérald Biston,
“If you want to be independent from the big-boys of digital publishing… then EditionGuard is the only choice! It’s the most cost efficient solution using Adobe state-of-the-art DRM tech.”
Jack Bracewell, Perfect Ratio Inc.


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Industry Standard Adobe DRM Fulfillment

Your online eBook store will be powered by Adobe Content Server – the exact same DRM system used by industry giants, and the only DRM trusted by major publishers. Below are just some of the major companies who use the same technology.

Adobe DRM


EditionGuard Direct Fulfillment

With our EditionLink fulfillment option, your eBooks will be accessible directly through a download link that will expire based on your preferences. EditionMark, our other direct fulfillment option, has the same features along with the addition of a watermark containing the personal information of the purchaser inside your eBooks. These fulfillment options are easy for you and even easier for your customers, as your eBooks will be directly accessible in their raw forms.

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