Sell eBooks on Your Website

Your online eBook store will be powered by Adobe Content Server - the exact same DRM system used by industry giants, and the only DRM trusted by major publishers.


Publish Your Own eBooks!

You did all the work. Why share the profit? Publish and sell your own eBooks with EditionGuard’s secure anti-piracy DRM (Digital Rights Management) solution.


The Ultimate Piracy Protection

Industry estimates show that eBook piracy robs publishers of 20% of their profits! EditionGuard’s DRM system will help keep your eBooks safe without sacrificing quality or usability.

Nothing but Profit
EditionGuard's fixed rates mean that you'll never have to fork over a percentage of your profit just to use a DRM system.
Give Readers a Choice
Distribute securely-encrypted ePub and PDF eBooks to readers where they want them with support for over 150 devices and mobile apps.
Free 30 Day Trial
Give it a whirl for 30 days, and we'll bet you'll never look back. But, you can if you really want to. There are never any commitments.
Online Piracy Protection
EditionGuard protects your eBooks with Adobe Content Server DRM, so you don't have to worry about piracy and unauthorized distribution.
Zero Commitment
No need to invest tens of thousands in an expensive DRM system. Use ours, and pay as you go! Cancel any time.
Easy to Implement
EditionGuard fully integrates into your website with a turnkey solution or easy API, so you can be up and running in no time.
Hear From Our Customers
“Your interface is really easy to use. We are already selling eBooks in our webshop in less than a week!”
Emile Schenk
Consultant, “Donauweb IT Solutions
“If you want to be independent from the big-boys of digital publishing... then EditionGuard is the only choice! It’s the most cost efficient solution using Adobe state-of-the-art DRM tech.”
Jack Bracewell
Founder, “Perfect Ratio Inc
Special Offer Free 30 Day Trial
We are confident that once you try EditionGuard you will understand how simple it is to maximize profits by protecting your eBooks. To help you find out, we offer a free, no obligation, 30 day trial. You will also get a copy of Sun Tzu's masterpiece "The Art of War" in ePub format - great for both reading and testing our system - free of charge!