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Advice from Indie Authors Who’ve Made It

should i write an ebookWe have compiled some great advice from indie authors who have had success with digital publishing. One of the things we advise indie authors to do is learn from those who have blazed the trail!

With that in mind, here is some great insight to help you reach your goals:

Kristen James

“Everything hinges on having a novel that pulls readers in, so I’ll share a tip I’m working on myself. Fully develop your story premise: is it big enough? Deep enough? Is there enough conflict? Have you put your heart into it? Are your story events HUGE, whether that’s external, emotional or both. Having a compelling, engrossing, gripping story foundation makes everything so much easier, from staying on track as you write the book to marketing it.”

Randy Augsburger

“The key to moving your writing career forward is not just learning all you can about your craft, but actually putting words on paper, day after day, week after week. If you are like me you might complete a project and sit back with a heavy sigh of relief and a satisfied feeling of a job well done. I pat myself on the back and think of rewarding myself and relaxing a bit.”

Orna Ross

“Go creative! That means thinking long term, working hard in a spirit of experimentation, staying steady and true to yourself through failures and setbacks. Less checking out your stats and reviews and more focus on what you have to offer as a writer, why a reader should give over time and money to your books.”

What’s your best writing advice? Share it with us in a comment or on Facebook.


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