10 Powerful Tips to Write and Sell Your First eBook

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The following is a Guest Post by Sarah Smith of StartBloggingOnline […]

12 Ways Authors Can Get Noticed On Twitter

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Social media is a massively powerful tool for authors. There are dozens of social media sites available, but Twitter may be the best social network for authors. Considered the easiest social network to engage with [...]

Professional Services for Indie Authors: Are They Worth It?

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Self-publishing a book costs money. Let’s be honest, this isn’t some big secret. As an author you should not attempt to edit your book, design your cover and much more by yourself in hopes to [...]

20 Ways Authors Can Market Their Books

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All writers have inevitably experienced this next situation. After countless hours of hard work we finally put the final stamp on our book. That’s right, we are finally done. Talk about an amazing feeling. This [...]

25 Books Every Author Should Read

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Stephen King famously said: “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” Reading on a daily basis allows writers to learn [...]

Blogger To Author: Why Bloggers Should Write eBooks

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Blogger to author. Many bloggers have day dreamed about making the transition, but very few actually do. If you are currently blogging and are considering writing an eBook, we highly recommend it. Having a pre-existing [...]

Writing Fiction, Part 3: Using the Right Words

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Writing fiction requires finesse. You’re constructing an entire universe for your reader, whether your eBook is set in familiar surroundings or not. Your words must become the paint that create a picture of your world in the reader’s mind. Invoke the [...]

Tips for Indie Authors

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Indie authors have enormous opportunity to create not only a legacy that lasts beyond their lifetime but also an income stream that does as well. What’s the biggest difference between an eBook that sells copy [...]

DRM Protects eBooks from Unauthorized Copying

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It can be the most frustrating experience: you write an eBook, you make it available for sale, and as you Google yourself to see how you're rising in rank, you discover someone has uploaded your [...]

Leveraging Creativity to Create Fans of Your Fiction eBooks

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How can an indie author leverage creativity to sell more eBooks? If you’re writing fiction eBooks, you already have a creative streak. You have created a world and populated it with characters interesting enough for [...]

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