EditionGuard Features
Convenient Admin Interface
Add, update or delete eBooks on our system with just a few clicks in our ergonomic management interface
Pay as You Go Pricing Model
The Pay As You Go model allows you to pay flat transaction fees with no hidden costs or commission.
Full Reporting Capabilities
Get detailed reporting and statistics using our web interfaces or our APIs. Track eBook sales and usage.
Full Device & Format Support
Distribute encrypted/rights-protected ePub and PDF eBooks to thousands of reader devices and apps.
Knowledgeable Support Team
Our support team is always available to provide answers to your queries and resolve any issues
Batch Processing
Manage batch processing jobs and get reports via our seamlessly integrated platform-independent API
Feature Comparison
  Feature List EditionGuard DRM Service Self Hosted DRM Service
  Industry standard eBook encryption    
  PDF and EPUB format support    
  Robust Java EE based services    
  Loan and permanent eBook licensing    
  Pay as you go pricing model    
  User friendly web management    
  Real-time fulfillment analytics    
  Fully managed IT infrastructure    
  Reporting and management API    
  Zero capital investment    
  One month money back guarantee