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Benefits of Online Learning


July 1, 2020

More students at every level have now had experience with online learning. While some of the spring education was patchworked together at the last minute, most teachers did a remarkable job of transitioning from the classroom to the computer screen. Since online learning is likely to continue not only well into the next year through the pandemic but in some cases permanently, let’s look at the benefits of online learning.

Digital Mastery

Today’s students – at every level – need to know so much more than just reading, writing, and arithmetic. They need to know how to lead a presentation over Zoom, share their screen, develop great speaking and listening skills, and be proficient at presenting to groups. These are skills they’ll need in the workplace, too.

Time Management

With nearly half of the workforce predicted to continue working online permanently, developing the skills to self-manage, manage time, and work from home are essential. Online learning provides students with the ability to become adept at managing their own schedules, prioritizing workflows, and delivering assignments and projects on time.


Group work doesn’t go away when you grow up – they just stop calling it a group project and start calling it collaboration. And online learning is a great way to improve your ability to collaborate with others, using modern technology and tools to make it happen. From Google, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams to Slack and Trello, students are becoming comfortable with the same tools they’ll need in the workplace while developing team playing skills that will be considered essential.

Learn at Your Own Pace

One of the greatest benefits of online learning is the ability to work at your own pace. Individualized education is easier to deliver online, once it’s properly set up. Students can work ahead in the subjects in which they are strong and spend extra time emphasizing and truly learning more sufficiently the subjects in which they struggle. Teachers, too, are able to focus their instruction more clearly and have time to work with students who need the extra help – one on one or in small groups.

Benefits for Teachers and Professors Who Deliver Online Learning

Teachers and professors who provide online learning to students can develop a curriculum that provides the basic lectures, worksheets, and tests in an automated format. This leaves them free to engage more deeply with the students for analytical discussions, remedial work, and fostering students who have a unique talent in the subject.

EditionGuard Supports Teachers and Educational Institutions in their Efforts to Improve Online Learning

Online learning is not going to go away, and the more we are able to embrace the benefits of online learning and find ways to engage students, the easier the shift will be for everyone. Here at EditionGuard, we are doing our part to support teachers and professors, schools and higher learning institutions, many of whom are delivering education online for the first time. We provide a wide array of digital rights management (DRM) services to protect intellectual property and to facilitate the sharing and dissemination of materials online. In addition to our 30-day free trial, we also offer a 25% discount to teachers, schools, and non-profits who employ our DRM. Learn more about how DRM works to protect your publications, tests, and educational materials as you deliver online instructions.

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