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Blogger To Author: Why Bloggers Should Write eBooks

Turgay Birand

August 4, 2016

ebook blogBlogger to author. Many bloggers have day dreamed about making the transition, but very few actually do. If you are currently blogging and are considering writing an eBook, we highly recommend it. Having a pre-existing blog audience will help you to promote your eBook once it is complete. In this post we will discuss six reasons why you should make the leap from blogger to author and write your first eBook.

1. Much Easier To Make Money

Be honest, making money from your blog is hard. Sure, if you generate enough traffic you may be able to cash a Google Adsense check or generate some income via affiliate links, but this takes a lot of time and many times luck. With over 2,000,000 blog posts posted every day, standing out enough to earn money can be hard. Now for most bloggers this is okay. We write to help our audience and share our expertise. We write because we enjoy the process. If only there was a way to share our expertise and make a living doing it. Step into the world of eBooks. On the surface they may seem much different than the blog posts you typically write, but a deeper look will show that they really aren’t. Most bloggers could create several popular eBooks with the content they have already written by expanding on the topics and organizing them into a readable eBook. The best part? People will pay you to read them! Even if you don’t charge money for your eBook, you can still make a lot of money due to the rest of the benefits we will discuss.

2. Grow Your Email List

Successful bloggers have large email lists. The larger your email list, the easier it is to distribute your content. Popular blogger Noah Kagan went as far as to say his primary focus is growing his email list. eBooks are one of the best ways to grow your email list. People will gladly give you their email in exchange for a valuable piece of content. We discussed already the ability to charge for eBooks, but many times a free eBook that simply requires an email to access can be just as lucrative in the long run.

3. eBooks Can Cover Topics With More Depth

Consistently producing content is imperative for blogging success. While this gives bloggers the ability to cover a plethora of topics, creating in-depth posts about each topic becomes a challenge. An eBook gives writers the opportunity to go into great detail about a specific topic. In a market flooded with 1,000 word blog posts, this in-depth content is highly valuable and has less competition. Take a look at your most popular blog posts and figure out how to expand on them to create a short eBook!

4. Position Yourself As An Expert

Writing a book gives you credibility unlike a blog ever could. Since you can cover topics in more detail, it is much easier to position yourself as an expert. Even if your main goal is to grow your blog, positioning yourself as an expert is highly beneficial. Many bloggers and business people use their book(s) as a business card of shorts. Even if you give the book away for free, being able to direct new connections to your book will allow you to immediately prove your expertise. This can lead to many opportunities outside of just blogging.

5. Exposes Your Work To A New Market

bloggersWhen you write an eBook you will attract a new type of reader. If you impress these new readers with your expertise, chances are high that they will begin reading your blog content as well. If growing your blog audience is your main focus, do not underestimate the effectiveness of an eBook. Even though it does not live on your blog, it has the power to grow your blog audience exponentially. Be sure to make it easy for your eBook readers to find your blog online. You can even consider including information about your blog within your eBook.

6. Attracts More Business Opportunities

Have you found yourself envious of successful bloggers that land big opportunities, such as speaking at industry conferences? Imagine what speaking at a large conference could do for your blog and career. Maybe you want to work as a freelancer creating content for businesses or teaching them how to leverage content marketing on their own. Regardless the opportunity you are looking for, publishing an eBook can help you secure them. An eBook takes organization, specific knowledge and an understanding of the entire content creation process. These skills are highly sought after by businesses worldwide and putting them on display in an eBook can lead to many lucrative opportunities.

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