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eBook DRM: Cost-Effective Solutions for Publishers

Turgay Birand

March 6, 2015

There is a lot of confusion about eBook DRM. But the truth is, if you are an eBook publisher, one of the most important considerations you have in selling eBooks is digital rights management (DRM). The problem has been traditionally that to have effective, customizable DRM, you have to be able to afford a significant investment in DRM software. This has made it impossible in the past for smaller or independent digital publishers to compete with larger publishers.

Advantages of eBook DRM

The biggest advantage of DRM is providing security that prevents unauthorized sharing of eBooks, protecting your authors from theft and loss of income. All of the major publishers integrate DRM into their eBooks, but smaller publishers who cannot afford to invest tens of thousands of dollars in licensing fees have been unable to offer the same security to authors. EditionGuard offers a solution to help level the DRM playing field by offering independent and smaller publishers access to the same Adobe® DRM Content Server used by bigger publishers. You can now power your online eBook store with Adobe Content Server - the exact same DRM system used by industry giants, and the only DRM trusted by major publishers – for cost-effective, easy selling. And while you’re getting the most advanced security available, readers who purchase eBooks from you have enormous flexibility. They can download their eBooks and read them on almost any device and app without restriction. The process is immediate, the profits are yours to keep, and your costs are predictable. Try EditionGuard free for 30 days now.

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