How To Write “How To” Articles For Ebook Marketing

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How To Write “How To” Articles For Ebook Marketing

Turgay Birand

March 20, 2013

If you have written an ebook and you want to market it online, one of the most efficient ways of doing so is by writing online articles and allowing search engines to lead your potential readers to them. This activity alone is the center piece of eBook marketing. It’s been said that search engines like Google have become the modern equivalent of the ancient oracles. In the old days, hordes of people flocked to oracles such as those at Delphi, and they had to wait an eternity for their questions to be answered—if they do get answered, that is. And even if and when they receive an answer, it may be couched in words so vague that the answer doesn’t seem all that helpful anyway. Fortunately, modern search engines are much more efficient at providing the answers. Billions of people use them every day, and the answers are often immediate and clear. People use these search engines to find out about things, and the phrase “how to” has become one of the most popular keywords ever to be put in a search engine box. By providing your own “how to” articles, you can be the oracle for a great number of people, and establish yourself as one of the “go to” authorities on the subject. Doing this can increase the visibility and the credibility of the ebook. Write About Subjects Related To The Topic Of Your Ebook You need to make sure that you write about the same general area of concern as the subject of your book. Now is not the time to demonstrate your Renaissance quality; instead, it is your opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and mastery of your field. So if your ebook is about men’s fashion, for example, then your articles should also be all about men’s fashion. Answer Persistent Questions In just about every field, there are questions that are always posed in some version or another. So if your ebook is about men’s fashion, the questions which often pop up are all about fabrics, styles, and colors, or matching belts and shoes, etc. Use your familiarity with your topic to pinpoint the questions which come up most often, and then write a concise article to address the issue once and for all. Post The Articles Online There are several possible destinations for your articles which can do a lot of good for your ebook marketing efforts:
  • Your own website. You can always post your articles here for the benefit of your website visitors, and it may also increase the visibility of your site on search engines.
  • Other related blogs. Some may accept guest blog articles, and you can use the popularity of those blogs to reach out to new readers whom you may entice to not only visit your website but also to buy the ebook you’ve written.
  • Other general interest e-zines. There are several e-zines that accept article submissions. Find out the most popular ones—a quick check on Google should lead you to the most popular—and comply with their procedures and guidelines on article submissions.
When you write your articles, there is often some space reserved for the description of the author. It is here where you can identify yourself as an author, and where you can include links to your website and other sites from which readers can purchase your ebook.

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