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The Best eBook Formatting Services – 2021


February 16, 2021

There are so many factors that go into choosing the best ebook formatting services. As a writer, you may not also now how to format an ebook. The complexity of your content may demand a sophisticated ebook formatting service. However, no matter what ebook formatting service you choose, your ultimate goal is to provide the best reader experience possible.

eBook formatting can have a direct impact on sales and reviews. Your reader expects to be able to read your content. They do not want to scroll sideways or adjust their settings. Readers expect the ebook to be delivered to their chosen device in a way that works for them. Choosing the best ebook formatting services is a business decision above all.

Here is our list of the top 5 ebook formatting services:


Pen2Publishing offers two advantages: a specific pricing scheme, and a guarantee of publication within 7 days. Working with all of the major ebook distribution services, including SmashWords, Kobo, and iBooks, their service is comprehensive and offers upgraded services for more complex formatting needs.

eBook Launch

eBook Launch also works with the major ebook distribution services. They require 9 days turn around time or you can pay for express services. You can request a quote to get started.


BookBaby works with authors to ensure their ebook is presented in the best format possible, specializing in .epub and .mobi as well as fixed format for iBooks. They also offer additional author services, including editing and book design.


eBookifi offers ebook formatting services for .mobi, epub, and other formats. They also provide conversion services and can convert your file from nearly any source, including Word, PDF, and html.

Self Publishing Lab

In addition to traditional ebook formatting, Self Publishing Lab specializes in fixed format services for children’s books. They provide substantial testing on a variety of devices to ensure the content format is functional.

No matter what ebook format you choose, an ebook formatting service can help ensure that your readers have a great experience with your ebooks. EditionGuard supports the majority of ebook formats and we have a variety of resources available to support authors and publishers. Learn more.

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