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You’ve Written an eBook: Now What? Part One

Turgay Birand

March 24, 2014

While writing an eBook is a huge accomplishment all on its own, one which should be celebrated with a night on the town or at least a dinner out, the completion of your eBook is, in many ways, only the start. Unless you have written an eBook for your own personal satisfaction, you’ll want to ask people to read your eBook. There are three distinct groups of readers you should target. In this post, we’ll talk about the reader that successful writers rely on the most: the preliminary critic. The Preliminary Critic The first people who should read your eBook are those you completely trust. These people should be honest enough with you that they will tell you when you have lettuce between your teeth or when your shirt really does look that bad. These trusted friends will, therefore, pull no punches when it comes to critiquing your eBook. The preliminary critic is one (of preferably several) who read the eBook before you commence with publication. What You Want from Your Preliminary Critic Whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction, your preliminary critic is the person who tells you, in a brutally honest but loving way, where the eBook doesn’t make sense, becomes boring or doesn’t transition properly from one part to the next. You want them to read the eBook as if they’d purchased it, giving you thoughts, ideas and feedback that can help you improve your writing and tighten your story. Next time, we’ll talk about the second-most important eBook reader: the proofreader.

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