Adding the Paypal Button to Your Website

You can access PayPal’s “add payment button to your website” instructions from here:

Note: You will need to signup for a Premier or Business Paypal account to access payments you receive and to allow your buyers to pay with their credit cards.

Quick and Easy PayPal Sales Solution

We’ve developed a quick and easy way for EditionGuard subscribers to sell eBooks on their websites with the usage of PayPal Buttons. Please view the screencast below for setup instructions.

Here is a brief outline with approximate times from the video that are necessary for creating a PayPal button.

  • Step 1 (0:35) Log into editionguard account

  • Step 2 (0:47) Got to Account Details

  • Step 3 (0:55) Enter PayPal address

  • Step 4 (1:00) Go to my ebooks page

  • Step 5 (1:10) Copy resource id for ebook used with PayPal button

  • Step 6 (1:18) Logon to PayPal account

  • Step 7 (1:25) Go to My Selling Tools

  • Step 8 (1:28) Click on update next to PayPal Buttons

  • Step 9 (1:34) Click Create New Button

  • Step 10 (1:57) Enter title name in Item name field

  • Step 11 (2:01) Paste resource id into Item Id field

  • Step 12 (2:05) Enter price

  • Step 14 (2:13) Click on customize advanced features

  • Step 15 (2:20) Check box for add advanced variables

  • Step 16 (2:21) Enter notify_url=

  • Step 17 (2:23) Click create button

  • Step 18 (2:27) Copy button code and use it on your site