what is edition guard

In the past, eBook retailing was like an exclusive club. There were so many barriers to entry that the small guys just couldn’t compete. Fortunately, things have changed.

EditionGuard slashes through those barriers and offers smaller retailers VIP access to the eBook market. With this service, publishers now have access to a cost-effective and easy-to-use DRM system that can be easily integrated directly into their sales platform.

EditionGuard is a secure and robust eBook DRM (digital rights management) service, built on the industry standard Adobe Content Server, the same technology used by giants such as Google, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.


“Publish the works of one author or 1,000.
EditionGuard makes it easy.”


1. Upload your eBooks in ePub or PDF formats through our user-friendly web interface.

  • They will immediately be stored in our encrypted data vault. But don’t worry, you will never lose access. And you can rest easy knowing that your eBooks are being protected by the latest industry standard security measures.

2. Implement our easy to use APIs.

  • With a simple integration between our APIs and your ecommerce platform, you’ll be ready to give your eBook buyers access to the books they purchased — and only those books.

3. A buyer makes an eBook purchase on your website (score!).

  • The purchase will be automatically authenticated, and that buyer will be able to access it with a unique ID and password from virtually anywhere, from internet-enabled PCs to tablets to mobile devices.

How Do My Customers Access Their Purchases?

Although EditionGuard uses the most advanced security measures available today, it really couldn’t be easier for the right people to access the downloads they’ve purchased. In just 4 simple steps, your customers will be wrapped up in their newest novel, biography or textbook they purchased from you.

PC or Mac Web Browser

adobe arm

1. Install: Download and install the free Adobe Digital Editions Software on your computer by clicking here.

2. Download: Click on the download link generated through our service to initiate the secure download.

3. Open: Open the .ascm file you just downloaded with Adobe Digital Editions. When prompted to authorize your computer, enter your Adobe ID and password.

4. Enjoy: Your eBook will instantly be delivered to your computer, so you can start reading immediately. You can then transfer the book to a compatible eReader device using a USB cable.

Mobile Phone or Tablet

ebook sales

1. Install: Install one of the many Adobe DRM compatible eBook reader apps. DL Reader and Kobo are a couple of good ones; completely free on iOS and Android. Click here for a full list of compatible mobile apps and devices.

2. Download: Tap on the download link to start downloading your .ascm file. This is a special file type that allows for a secure download.

3. Open: Open the .ascm file you just downloaded with the app you installed in step 1. When prompted to authorize your mobile device, enter your Adobe ID and Password.

4. Enjoy: Your eBook content will instantly be delivered to your mobile device, so you can start reading immediately, even if you go offline.

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