Free Shopify App

We have developed a free app for Shopify you could use to integrate EditionGuard with your Shopify store within just a few minutes. Because of Shopify’s new revenue model, our app is not listed on the Shopify store. We have chosen to do this in order to keep our prices low. To install the Shopify app, please go to to start the install process.

Please see the screencast below for setup instructions.

Does your Shopify app include an e-commerce payment feature?

No, your payments will continue to be processed through the regular Shopify payment flow. Our app only deals with the creation and sending of secure download links to your customers.

Last Update : 6/7/16 11:44 AM

Can I customize the look and feel and brand the Shopify download page the way I want?

The download page is currently not brandable; there is only a small EditionGuard logo at the top left of the download page. The emails sent to your customers don’t have any of our branding though, since those are sent using the Shopify template system.

If I use this app will I also be charged by Shopify for any kind of service?

You’ll continue paying whatever you’re paying to Shopify now. In addition, you’d purchase an EditionGuard subscription that fits your needs.