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eBook Pricing Revisited

saleWouldn’t it be nice if every eBook was priced based on how much blood, sweat and tears the author put into creating it? Of course, for some indie authors, that might mean that their eBook is priced somewhere out of the market for most readers.

Instead, it’s up to you as the indie author to determine eBook pricing based upon what the market will bear. How do you decide where to price your eBook? We think it depends on multiple factors:

  • the length of the eBook
  • the purpose of the eBook
  • the investment you’ve made in creating the eBook
  • your visibility as an eBook author
  • the marketability of your eBook
  • the target audience

The price of your eBook can also change over time, and likely will. Even if you offer an introductory price on your eBook to entice readers, you may want to align the price with other eBooks of the same genre if it becomes popular. You may also lower the price of your eBook to help promote subsequent publications. eBook pricing can be one of the most challenging parts of selling your eBook, and it’s okay to experiment with different prices and offers. In our next post, we’ll discuss specific pricing approaches

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