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Top 4 Ways To Stop Your Ebook From Being Copied


October 17, 2023

  1. Use a DRM Service
  2. Watermark Your Work
  3. Create An Official Copyright Notice
  4. Convert Files To PDF

Using a DRM Service

Using a Digital Rights Management, or DRM service is your first and most powerful protection against ebook piracy. Edition Guard specializes in implementing robust DRM solutions that safeguard your work. DRM ensures that only authorized users can access your ebook, making it significantly harder for unauthorized copies to circulate. 

Adding a Watermark

Watermarking is another valuable tool in your anti piracy plan. Watermarks can be discreetly added to your ebook, allowing you to trace the source of any unauthorized copies as well as deterring the would be copiers. Many time you can have a watermark the makes it impossible to read without purchasing the ebook. 

Create An Official Copyright Notice

As an author, your intellectual property is the most important asset you have. When you publish an official copyright notice, you make it clear to the world that your ebook is your creation and that you hold the rights to it. This formal declaration provides legal evidence of ownership and acts as a deterrent to potential infringement. 

An official copyright notice allows you to take legal recourse in case of infringement. If someone copies, distributes, or uses your ebook without permission or payment, you have a stronger case to take legal action. It makes it easier to prove ownership and seek damages in a court of law.

By prominently displaying a copyright notice in your ebook, you raise awareness among potential readers and users about your copyright. Many individuals may not be aware of the legal implications of copying or distributing copyrighted material. Your notice helps educate those who would not understand how copyright works. 

Converting to PDF

When it comes to safeguarding your ebook, one of the strategies that may be easies to implement is converting your files to PDF. This simple step can play a significant role in enhancing the security and accessibility of your work. Here’s how converting to PDF can help.

When you convert to PDF, you lock in the layout and design of your content. This means that the formatting you’ve carefully created remains consistent across all devices and platforms. It ensures that your ebook is presented in the way you intended it to, preventing unauthorized alterations or adaptations. 

Many PDF conversion tools allow you to set a password for your work. Ths adds and extra layer of protection, ensuring that only those with the correct passwords can access the content. This feature is especially valuable if you want tot provide limited access or distribute your ebook to a select audience. 

PDFs can be digitally signed providing a means of verifying the authenticity of your ebook. This adds an element of trust for your readers, knowing that the content they’re accessing is the genuine work of the author. 

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