E-learning.  Tablet pc and textbooks. Education online. 3dIf you’ve always wanted to be an author but have been turned away by publishers or simply haven’t even submitted your manuscript for fear of rejection, self-publishing is an option now more than ever before. But self-publishing is not new. Not only did many famous authors from the past find success with self-publishing – people like Charles Dickens, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, and Ezra Pound – but there are a number of very successful modern authors who self-published as well. Richard Paul Evans self-published The Christmas Box before selling it to Simon & Schuster for $4.25 million. 

Not every indie author will write an instant best seller or have the ability to turn self-publishing success into a big publishing house contract. But if you have a book inside you, there is no reason you should not consider self-publishing as a viable option. Self-publishing gives you control over your content, the time you take in writing and publishing, and your profits. But in the words of the great author, Voltaire (yes, he said it first): “With great power comes great responsibility”…and self-publishing requires you to hold yourself to a high standard since there won’t be a publisher or agent doing it for you.

Kristen Lamb, author of Rise of the Machines: Human Authors in a Digital World, has great advice for indie authors who want to self-publish. For more advice on writing and marketing your eBooks, check out EditionGuard’s Indie Publishing resources:

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