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Using Your eBook for Lead Generation

selling your ebookWhile most eBook writers are writing for art’s sake, the eBook market is an excellent platform for generating leads for your business. Regardless of your industry, offering a free eBook on your website can not only establish you as a credible expert in your industry but also create an avenue for lead generation that has not been fully exploited.

To use your eBook for lead generation, it must be:

  • Well written
  • Filled with useful information, including some proprietary tips that set you apart
  • Truly free; all the recipient should have to do is provide a name and email address

Once you have the eBook written and available on your website, you have a lead generation tool that doesn’t just gather potential clients but potential clients who are interested enough in what you offer to take the time to download your eBook. In other words, these are highly targeted, and therefore highly convertible, leads. To create excitement about the eBook, create pressure to act now by making it a limited offer.

Once you have captured the name and email address of the lead, you can feed them into your contact system and use the appropriate email marketing tools to convert them.

As an indie author, you can apply this same process by giving away an initial eBook publication for free and using the same lead-gen tools to notify readers of subsequent eBooks you have for sale.

Have you written an eBook that you give away for free? How have you benefitted?


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