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Custom branded reader that supports all EditionGuard features.

For iOS, Android and Windows.

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Totally seamless, fully branded

EditionReader gives you a total customer experience solution for your DRM and fulfillment pipeline.

All the benefits of EditionGuard

  • Digital fulfillment
    Assets made downloadable and trackable
  • Enterprise-grade DRM
    Trusted by industry giants
  • Custom Access controls
    Decide how each asset can be accessed
  • Simple and automated
    One time setup with your exiting system

EditionReader branded app

  • Branded reader app
    Seamless customer experience
  • Unified Customer ID
    Simplifies setup and initial access to a two step process
  • Unified Customer Access
    Give your users one place to access all their content
  • Your brand from end to end
    Ensure high trust with your customers

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