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10 Ways to Sell More eBooks


April 1, 2022

What does it take to sell more ebooks?

You wrote your ebook, had it edited, put a great cover on it, and launched it. And then you waited for the sales to roll in.

So what happens when you feel like you've done everything write and you get few if any sales on your ebook?

It can be disheartening to look forward to launch day only to have no big spike in sales.

Don't give up or lose heart - there are things you can do to sell more ebooks. Some of the ways you can improve sales are quick and easy, and others take time, but the more of these steps you take, the better chances you'll have to improve sales.

1. Rule Out Technical Glitches

If you have not had any sales, go through the purchasing process yourself to make sure there are no technical glitches in the process. It could be something as simple as a technical issue that is preventing your ebook from seeing any sales.

2. Read Your eBook

If there are no technical glitches with the actual purchasing/fulfillment process, read your ebook - not the version on your laptop but the actual uploaded version obtained through fulfillment. Make sure there were no technical issues in the uploading or conversion process; carefully look at each page to make sure it appears as you'd planned it.

3. Double-Check the Editing, Proofing, and Format

While you're reading your ebook to make sure there were no uploading errors, turn a critical eye toward the editing and proofing. Did something get missed? Does the story need refined? Did you accidentally have a paragraph drift off unfinished, or a missing chapter?

4. Check Your Reviews

If your ebook has had some sales but not as many as you expected, check your reviews. You can learn a lot from readers who leave reviews - and negative reviews are not always a bad thing. If there is something significant in the reviews regarding the ebook that you think needs to be fixed, it's often worth taking the time to do it, even if you have to issue an updated version to people. This isn't just about readers not liking the ebook but serious issues with layout, spelling and grammar, or missing elements.

5. Step Up Your Marketing

Indie authors have the unenviable role of being both writer and marketer for their books. If you're not spending as much time on marketing as you do on writing, it will be hard to achieve the level of sales you expect. There are tools available that can make it easier, like AuthorLab and Adazing. Not only do you need to have an author website and be active on social media, but you may need to invest in ads, either through your social platforms or with a service like The Indie Book Store, BookBub, or Online Book Club.

6. Write Another eBook

First ebooks from new authors have a tougher time than most. You can improve the sales of a first ebook by publishing a second and subsequent ebooks. They do not have to be a series, although that can help even more. But publishing more than one ebook can generate more interest in you as an author.

7. Participate in Collaborations

Pique interest in your writing by submitting a short story to an anthology or by participating in a collaborative effort. These collaborations can often be a way to get your name out with other authors in the same genre, and the sales from the ebook can even go to a charitable cause.

8. Engage with Readers

Engage with your readers on social media and through author events. Readers are often curious about the authors of the books they read and look forward to opportunities to talk to them, ask questions, or learn in advance about upcoming ebooks. As you talk to readers, gently encourage them to leave reviews for your ebook on all of their favorite platforms.

9. Send a Monthly Newsletter

While it can be difficult to build an email list from scratch, you can quickly build a list by offering a free download from your website, whether it's a short story, a digitally signed copy of your author photo, or something else that readers might want. A monthly newsletter allows you to keep people up to date regarding your ebooks, reminds them about buying and reviewing them, and gives you another avenue for engagement.

10. Don't Stop

To sell more ebooks, you need to be patient, tenacious, and have a firm belief in yourself as an indie author and self publisher. While you may not become an overnight sensation, it is possible to make a living as a self-published indie author.

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