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4 More Tips to Improve Your eBook Sales

Turgay Birand

August 21, 2013

It can be very frustrating to put your heart and soul into writing an ebook, going through the excitement of launching it, only to have it sit there and not sell. Most indie authors aren’t expecting to make millions (although that would be wonderful!), but they do want some validation for their efforts. This week, we’re sharing more tips to help you improve your ebook sales. Be sure to let us know how they work for you in the comments below! Create a Sales Page for Your eBook The majority of people who don’t already know you but who may be interested in buying your book may stumble upon it while searching for information on the topic on which you’ve written. To make sure you’re visible when they’re searching, create an optimized sales page that includes the relevant keywords and phrases that they would likely use. Create compelling content that draws readers in and makes it easy for them to buy your ebook. Don’t Be Shy – Be Your Own Best Marketer From including a link to purchase your ebook in your email signature to regularly promoting your book through social media channels, don’t be shy about telling the world that you wrote an ebook! You should be proud! Announce it to the world, by creating social media accounts for you as an author. And remember to engage with your readers regularly. Price It Right Recent data has revealed that the authors who make the most money on their ebooks know how to price them right – but that doesn’t mean the price stays the same all the time. You can offer an early-bird discount to persuade readers to purchase your book or offer it for free to your local library for better exposure. There are many steps you can take to manage the price of your ebook that will make it more likely to grab the attention of potential purchasers. Use the EditionGuard WordPress Plugin EditionGuard offers a powerful plugin for WordPress that lets you transform your WordPress-powered blog or website into a sales page that makes shopping easy for potential buyers. The plugin integrates with EditionGuard and PayPal, giving readers an easy way to purchase your ebook. Let us know how you’re doing; we would love to hear about your ebook!

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