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Advantages of Adobe DRM

Turgay Birand

August 7, 2013

Adobe digital rights management (DRM) solutions for eBooks offers a number of advantages for indie authors. In addition to allowing ebooks to be created in two of the most commonly read formats, PDF and ePUB, it also puts all of the power of distribution, sales and publishing control in the hands of indie authors. A typical PDF publication may not have the security necessary to prevent issues with the duplication, unlicensed sale or sharing of your content, but the Adobe eBook DRM – used by Google, Nook and other major publishers – provides indie authors with protection for the copyright of their ebook. EditionGuard uses Adobe Content Server 4 software, making it possible for indie authors to sell their ebooks directly (without having to settle for a royalty amount from a publisher). Adobe Content Server 4 encrypts the ebook file, allowing you to manage the rights for selling, lending and distributing copies of your ebook in the most widely-accepted formats available. Incorporating Adobe DRM does not limit authors in any way from using the ecommerce platform or business model of their choice. In fact, EditionGuard, using Adobe DRM, integrates fully with most ecommerce platforms, allowing you to sell your ebooks directly from your own website or sales page along with any other items you might sell (consultations, counseling, companion products, merchandise, etc). Why let major publishing houses take a portion of your profits when you can reach a broader audience and more devices (including people who don’t have ebook readers but simply read from their laptops) while protecting your copyright using Adobe DRM? Indie authors who want to maintain control over their publications – and control over their ebook sales and earnings – will benefit from choosing a platform that allows them to control how, when and where their ebooks are sold. Try EditionGuard free for 30 days – no credit card required!

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