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Advantages of Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing


August 2, 2022

Every so often, the argument about self-publishing vs traditional publishing rears its head. The truth is, the more technology improves, the more likely it is that the majority of authors can handle not only the publishing but all of the other components that go along with self-publishing.

Self-Publishing Equals Freedom

Self-publishing gives indie authors the freedom to write what they want. You write on your own time schedule, and position your ebook in the market the way you wish to. Self-publishing also gives indie authors the ability to keep more of their royalties. Most importantly, you can more quickly achieve profitability as an author.

Self-Publishing Means Speed to Market

A big drawback for talented authors who do not already have name recognition (think: celebrities, politicians, etc.) is that getting that breakthrough is tough. To get an agent, let alone an offer from a publishing company, can mean your book sits and collects dust for a couple of years. When you choose self-publishing over traditional publishing, you can literally cut two to five years off your timeline, which means you could have a second, third, and even fourth book out before a first book is published the traditional route.

What About Marketing?

Being an indie author means that you’re not tied to the marketing campaigns of a large publisher. They might decide not to prioritize your book. If there is a new book being launched by a celebrity they represent, or a book on a topic that’s trending, you might take a back seat. It takes work to market your own ebook, but you’re not completely on your own when you choose self-publishing. There are many cost-effective marketing services available that will help you amplify the launch and ongoing marketing of your ebook for a very small investment.

Ebook Marketing Services to Consider

Indie Bookstore – For $39 a year or $59 forever, you can sign up for marketing with Indie Bookstore. They promote indie author publications on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok and more and do a great job increasing the visibility of indie authors.

MailChimp – MailChimp is a freemium newsletter email service that you can use to promote your ebooks. This requires some effort on your part to build an email list. However, as it builds, you stay more connected to your readers, can build a street team, and can cultivate beta readers for future publications.

BookTrib – For a bit heftier investment, BookTrip can be an effective way to hand off the marketing of your ebook.

Doing Your Own Marketing

As an indie author, one of the most exciting things about self publishing is the ability you have to connect with your readers. This authentic connection is kind of marketing that simply cannot be purchased. Just being accessible to your readers can be one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal.

What About a Book Cover? Can I Do That?

Actually, yes. It’s an inexpensive investment to have someone create a cover for you. However, today’s tools make it easy for you to create your own cover and ensure the vision you have for your ebook comes to life. Canva is probably one of the easiest photo editing tools available. They have ebook cover templates available that can help you get started. All you have to do is customize the title, author, and color scheme and voila! You’re ready to go. Since a cover is an essential piece of your marketing toolkit, it’s worth putting some effort into doing it well.

Self-Publishing vs Traditional Publishing – What’s the Difference?

There is only difference that matters when you’re comparing self-publishing to traditional publishing. Do YOU own the rights and royalties, or does someone else? If the book is self-published, you own your book rights. You get the royalties. And you decide if you want to sell the movie rights. You get to sell it in every market. And you get to decide the price and publishing date. When someone else has control of those rights, you’re at their mercy.

Why Do People Choose Traditional Publishing?

The reason certain authors choose traditional publishing is because they are offered an advance. The advance on their book makes it cost effective to go traditional. For most authors, it will be more lucrative to self-publish and retain control. Of course, if a publisher comes to you and offers you a $500,000 publishing advance, take it! But most of those offers go to celebrities, athletes, movie stars. The only authors who get advances are already-established authors who bring thousands of dollars in book sales.

At the end of the day, self-publishing is the right answer for most authors. And when you do get ready to launch your ebook and sell it online, EditionGuard is here to help. Create a Storefront on a platform designed to let you maintain control throughout the process. Learn more.

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