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The Benefit of Starting Your eBook with an Outline

Turgay Birand

August 15, 2014

Sometimes, we all just want to get to the fun part, and for authors, that can be sitting down and writing the eBook. But if your eBook is more than 10 pages long, is a fiction eBook with a plot and characters, or offers how-to advice, you might be better off beginning the eBook writing process by writing an outline. An outline is like the big black lines on a color book page: it gives you the big picture of what the story is going to look like. Then you can go back and fill in details (color). How to Write an Outline Whether you use Word and rely on their outline tool or use a notebook and turn your scribbles and arrows into something intelligible, an outline begins with the subject. The subject can then be broken down into sub-topics and details. If you're writing a fiction eBook, it can be very helpful to start by developing the characters fully even if you only reveal a bit of detail at a time. Depending on the type of eBook you are writing,  your outline will change. A memoir or autobiography may have a linear or chronological outline to help you remember the big events you want to write about, where a fictional romance eBook may have more of a spiderweb outline that indicates the different connections and relationships between the characters. Regardless of the type of eBook you are writing, an outline can be useful in making sure you've answered all of the questions and included all of the details that your readers will want to have.

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