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Benefits of DRM for Digital eBook Publishing


January 11, 2019

Think of DRM as a digital lock

Digital locks, or also known as digital rights management (DRM) technologies, are measures employed by copyright owners to protect their intellectual property and control how their data, software or hardware is used by others. In the publishing world, DRM is mainly used to prevent unauthorized access to or copying of digital files. In the same fashion as a lock on the door protects your business from theft, DRM ensures that only customers who pay for a license will gain access to the digital content. In turn, the DRM license protocols ensure secure promotion, sale, and distribution of e-books and offer a myriad of business benefits, including reduced publishing costs, compliance with business processes, new revenues, and better control of IRP.

Digital publishing is growing rapidly, but it needs to be protected

The main business advantage of enabling DRM on your eBooks is the extra layer of  protection it offers. Electronic publishing can produce huge reductions in costs, which coupled with the relatively low cost of online marketing, makes it an increasingly popular option. However, to take full advantage of the benefits e-publishing offers to your business, you need to have the proper privacy protection in place. Digital locks and DRM technologies are as necessary to prevent intellectual property theft as physical locks are to protect personal property. What’s more, DRM technologies also ensure the authenticity of the content you distribute. Unlike physical books, eBooks can easily be changed, modified and passed off as originals to unsuspecting customers. With a digital lock in place, the authenticity of your content is protected, which in turn adds credibility to your brand and protects your business reputation. Another huge advantage of the DRM is IRP control. In the digital publishing world, ensuring only the right people can view the digital information is just as important as controlling what happens to the digital content in their hands. Some eBooks may have a defined life cycle, and the content inside should no longer be viewable after the date in question has been reached. This can only be achieved with the proper DRM technology.

EditionGuard: full-featured DRM without the costly licenses

EditionGuard has created extensive access control features for its customers. Device limitations, content expirations, print restrictions and even tracking of fulfillment on a per-user level. All of this is automated when an asset is fulfilled. This usage data can help you undertand your users behaviors, what they prefer, and indeed, creates a contract that is trackable so you know how and when your content is being accessed. We've reduced the cost and overhead traditionally needed to get started with digital asset protection and fulfillment. For a simple monthly cost you'll have enterprise-grade protection and automation for your digital content. Check out our pricing.  In a highly digital world, DRM and digital locks are no longer a luxury but a necessity. By placing a digital lock on your content, you protect not only your revenues by minimizing the chances of illegal access or copying of the content, but your business reputation and client base too. Start a free, full-access, 30-day trial of EditionGuard today.

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