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Braille for eBooks

Turgay Birand

August 4, 2015

One demographic that has been underserved during the shift toward eBooks is the blind community, but braille for eBooks is a technology that is not only in development, but is available on a newly designed smart watch. In the past, people with vision challenges have had to rely on audiobooks or Siri to translate text on smartphones and tablets, but now blind people are empowered to read braille from a smart device. We hope this is only the beginning of the development of this technology. Imagine how exciting it might be in the future for children who rely on braille to have access to a library of eBooks that can be read in braille. At EditionGuard, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting technologies, like braille for eBooks, that indie authors, publishers, and our readers will benefit from. Right now it seems that technology is making another great leap forward, and we're happy that braille for eBooks has made its way a step closer to reality. While this doesn't directly impact indie authors and publishers, any technology that makes your work more accessible by a new audience is welcome. Learn more about the braille watch in this video: What technology are you hoping will make the next breakthrough for indie authors and digital publishers?

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