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Controlling Your Content With eBook DRMs


November 24, 2020

For indie authors and publishers, digital rights management is a powerful tool. It prevents ebook content theft. Authors lose millions of dollars a year. So protecting your ebooks from theft is essential. eBook DRMs are also useful for organizations like libraries and universities. These organizations must prevent theft of licensed materials or need to create limited access use. EditionGuard’s app makes it easy for users to control the display, copy, and print controls.

Restricting the Number of Devices with eBook DRMs

There are a number of reasons you might want to control the number of devices on which your content will work. For example, you may want to restrict it only to the person who purchased the book. However, you can also authorize the content to work on up to five devices. However, the logon must belong to the Adobe account that purchased the content. Ideal for libraries, you can also expire the content.

control display with ebook DRMs

Restricting Printing with eBook DRMs

Controlling printing of content is an important feature with ebook DRMs. Printing is restricted or eliminated altogether most of the time. However, universities often allow limited printing options. There are a number of customizable settings within this framework. You can choose the restrictions you need. For example, a professor who wants each student to buy the textbook but not share it can completely eliminate printing rights. However, if you’re a corporate training organization and want to license a number of copies for the group who bought you training system, you can. It is easy to set up through Adobe DRM using the EditionGuard app as well.

Restricting Copying with eBook DRMs

In most cases, copying content from an ebook is completely restricted. With the EditionGuard app, it’s nothing more than a simple toggle to adjust the setting. When is copying be allowed? One example is for research purposes. You may need to allow copying and pasting for students and researchers who use your materials.

Adobe DRM offers sophisticated, customized solutions for controlling content. eBook DRMs put authors and publishers in control. Control who, where, how, and on what devices content is allowed. It's a cost-effective way to deliver content. Request your free trial.

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