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DRM and Your Organization: Protect Your IP


August 19, 2020

Schools that reopened in the past few weeks are already closing again. More companies agree that allowing their people to work from home - through 2021 or permanently - is not a bad idea. In the short-term, it will be barely perceptible, as your people are trained and experienced. But as you begin to hire new people, you'll need to be able to deliver training. And you'll need to be able to do it in a way that still protects your IP (intellectual property). The last thing you need right now is a angry employee walking away with your proprietary information.

Onboarding New Hires

At one time, you could bring people in and put them through an onboarding program. That's no longer the case as companies hire people based on skill, not location. The challenge is: How do you deliver an engaging onboarding program, give your new hires the information about the company they need and still protect your IP? Employing DRM can allow you to share - for a short period of time of with other limitations - the information your employee needs.

Testing & Certifcation

If you're an organization that provides employers with training and certification programs for new hires or talented people, you may also need to consider DRM as we more to a more digital world. Without DRM, anyone could take the information from the training and set up their own monetized course. You could end up losing thousands.

Associations & Organizations

Whether you're a nonprofit or a professional organization, the information you share with members is often the culmination of a lot of industry knowledge that has been collected over years. Some of it may be proprietary to your industry members, shareable only to your paid membership. DRM allows you to share information and protect your IP by defining what paid members have access to and control how long they have access and to what they do gain access.

DRM is not just for ebooks. It's for any organization that would like to support their remote workforce, deliver new information to entire teams, and control when, what, and for how long information is available.

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