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Easy Ways to Advertise your eBook

Turgay Birand

March 10, 2016

marketing-938935_640When your eBook is finally written (or even before), then it's time to begin marketing your eBook. Advertising and promoting your eBook is essential. However, it’s not all about blogging and launching a social media campaign. When you place your hard work on electronic shelves, the eBook should attract your prospective readers with a short glance. By utilizing a few smart and simple tricks, you can increase your eBook sales and build your audience. Advertise Your eBook by Sharing Sample Chapters Many electronic stores will automatically choose an excerpt from your eBook for potential buyers to download as a sample, and chances are it will be the most useless pages of your entire eBook. It’s a much better idea to select your own sample chapter, which can be done by creating and submitting a separate file. This offers you the opportunity to pull an exciting excerpt from your eBook and not random pages. Advertise Your eBook with Screenshots You also have the chance to create screenshots, highlighting several pages of your eBook that can be easily viewed.  This can be especially helpful if you have interesting graphics or pictures that you can share from your eBook. Screenshots are an easy way to advertise your eBook with just a few clicks if potential readers aren’t taking the time to download chapters. Advertise Your eBook by Targeting the Right Readers One of the most important aspects of advertising, which is often overlooked, is in knowing your target audience. Many buyers browse eBooks by a specific category or topic, and if you haven’t categorized your eBook correctly or reached out to potential readers in the specific niche you're writing for, you could be losing sight of a larger audience. Your eBook may also fall into more than one interest area, creating a potential for higher sales from different avenues. Taking advantage of these simple tips is essential for the promotion of your eBook.

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