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Why eBook Authors Should Use DRM

Turgay Birand

January 31, 2014

Digital Rights Management, or DRM, is the digital protection that allows indie authors to keep their eBooks from being accessed without authorization. It ensures that, as a hardworking indie author, you are compensated for your eBook. Without DRM, you could sell a single copy of your eBook and it could then be shared online with thousands of other readers. You would not receive a dime. DRM protects you. DRM has a number of advantages, but the true purpose of DRM is keep your eBooks safe, without sacrificing quality or usability. Industry estimates show that eBook piracy robs publishers of 20 percent of their profits! Those indie authors who choose to publish using KDP Select miss a huge opportunity for a larger audience. Not everyone shops on Amazon or uses a Kindle. Using the EditionGuard DRM system allows you to offer ePUB and PDF books that can be downloaded to hundreds of different mobile devices (including Kindle), without being device specific, for one flat rate. Keep more of your profits while also protecting your eBook from theft and copyright transgressions. If you have questions about DRM, learn more about how it works. We are happy to answer any additional questions you might have, and provide a 30-day no-cost trial for eBook authors and publishers so they can experience the benefits of our service. Learn more watching our DRM video:

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