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eBook Cover Art: Standing Out

Turgay Birand

July 29, 2015

eBook 266556_1280As an eBook writer, you may be more focused on the words than the eBook cover art, but if you want to sell eBooks, that initial visual is what will attract readers. eBook cover art, then, is absolutely crucial to your overall presentation of your eBook, whether you sell it on your own website or anywhere else. You need to grab the reader's attention. This is true even if it is a very short eBook being used for lead generation for your business. The fact is, visual presentaiton matters. Elements of Compelling eBook Cover Art Target your audience. If you're writing a romance, be sure the cover clearly implies the romantic nature of the eBook. If it's a non-fiction eBook about photography of family recipes, design a cover that speaks to the content. Develop an understanding of color psychology. There's a reason many corporations use blue in their logos and web designs. Blue implies trust. Red empowers consumers. Orange triggers action (hence Amazon's orange buy now button). Color can have an impact on your potential readers. Don't take the easy way out. Please don't just paste a few clip art images together and call it good. You need a high-resolution layered graphic that can be used in your marketing materials as well as on the eBook cover. eBook cover art needs to be well-designed and something you can be proud of sharing. Hire someone if you don't have the skills or software to do it right. To get a good idea about what works and what doesn't, explore The Book Designer's January 2015 eBook Cover Awards post. Each cover is evaluated and provided feedback that can help you understand what works and what does not. You can also explore our other posts on eBook covers: 12 Factors to Consider for Your eBook Cover Your eBook Cover Design Matters - A Lot The Cover Reveal Cover Reveal, Editorial Reviews, and Launch Party 4 eBook Mistakes to Avoid

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