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eBook File Formats – EPUB vs MOBI


February 9, 2021

We are going to stack up the two most popular ebook file formats against one another: EPUB vs MOBI. For authors deciding which ebook format to use, this quick comparison can help.

eBook File Formats - What Should I Choose?

To determine ebook formats, you must understand what your ebook fulfilment service requires While there are other ebook formats available, including AZW and PDF, .epub and .mobi are the two most prolific.

What Are the Differences Between EPUB and MOBI?

The biggest difference between the two ebook file formats is that MOBI is that .mobi is not as widely accepted and has some limitations to how it is rendered. EPUB is the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) standard. Most platforms support EPUB, except Amazon. EditionGuard supports both .mobi and .epub as well as other ebook formats.

Why Choose MOBI for My eBook Format?

MOBI is a cross-platform format. that manages complex content but has a limit on image size of 64kb. It’s ideal on smaller screens. If you have hand drawn or freehand pages, it's an ideal format. MOBI supports an added dictionary. This makes it a great solution for certain education and sci-fi materials.

Why Choose EPUB for My eBook Format?

EPUB is the more flexible ebook format option. Most platforms, eBook readers, and apps support the .epub file type. For example, Apple iBooks, Nook from Barnes & Noble, Adobe Digital Editions (and therefore Adobe DRM) all support the EPUB ebook file format. EPUB employs “reflowable” format. EPUB adapts to the size of the screen being viewed, like responsive design for webpages.

The eBook format you choose depend entirely upon your needs as the author or publisher. Ultimately you should choose a format that gives your readers the best experience.

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