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Why eBook Reviews Matter – Even the Bad Ones

Turgay Birand

June 17, 2014

While it might be nice as an indie author to think you don’t need to worry about getting eBook reviews, the truth is, they do matter. In fact, research shows that people do pay attention to and read reviews, and that it does impact their purchase decisions. What about negative eBook reviews? Even best-selling authors can’t please everyone, and they don’t even try. So take a page from their (e)book and write what you’re inspired to write and write it as well as you’re able. The negative reviews are still important; in fact, consumers are more likely to believe the reviews are real and authentic if they are not all five-star eBook review. The great news is that obtaining reviews for eBooks isn’t as difficult or as costly as it might seem. First, providing digital copies of your eBook to reviewers is an inexpensive and convenient way to solicit reviews. Second, reviewers are often really helpful, not only in following through with providing the public review of your eBook but also in providing feedback for you to improve your eBook and subsequent eBooks. What has your experience been in soliciting eBook reviews? Do you have any advice for our indie authors? Do you review eBooks? Leave your information in the comments!

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