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Why eBook Reviews Matter

Turgay Birand

May 30, 2014

If you're focused on writing and being the best possible writer you can, taking time out for marketing can be difficult at best and impossible at worst. One of the best ways to amplify your marketing effort is to involve other people in the process of announcing, advertising, and promoting your eBook. eBook reviews can help you reach a wider audience and reach people you would not be able to reach on your own. How to Request an eBook Review 1. Research your target. If you're writing romance eBooks, target people who read them and review them. If you're writing a non-fiction academic thesis-style eBook, start with professors and others in the same genre. 2. Reach out initially to introduce yourself and ask if the person would have time. Do not harrass. 3. Offer to provide a free copy of the eBook in whatever format works best for the reviewer, from PDF to ePUB. 4. Ask how soon the reviewer will be able to read and review your eBook; set a tickler to follow up with the reviewer as that time approaches (longer eBooks require more reading time, so be patient). 5. When someone reviews your eBook and publishes it on their blog, use your social media to promote the review and to thank the reviewer. Follow up with a personal email to the reviewer to thank them for the help. If you are using EditionGuard to sell your eBooks, our content team will conduct a review of your eBook to be published on our blog in order to help you get additional exposure from our thousands of readers!

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