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eBooks Are Good for Business

Turgay Birand

July 13, 2015

freeeBooks are good for business. Specifically, eBooks are good for businesses that need to increase their visibility, develop a comprehensive lead-generation strategy, and establish themselves as a dominating force in their industry. Why eBooks 1. eBooks are meatier pieces of content that allow businesses to provide valuable information, which serves a dual purpose of creating interest in their target market while also establishing the organization's authority in a given area. 2. As a lead-generation tool, you cannot beat offering a free eBook as a giveaway in exchange for a name and email address that you can add to a campaign funnel. 3. Google has once again changed their algorithm, and longer content now offers results: more visibility in searches and a higher rank. How to Use eBooks for Lead Gen
  • Create relevance with useful content
  • Choose content that complements products and services offered by the organization
  • Include a call to action that invites readers to connect with you on social media
When it comes to lead generation, giving away free stuff is a proven method of gaining leads, with eBooks being the most effective. It’s a simple concept:
  1. Create an ebook that your target market wants.
  2. Give it to them for free.
  3. They give you their email address.
eBook Length When it comes to B2B marketing, less is more. If it’s well-written, a six-page report is more digestible to a busy business leader than a 20-page expository. Understand your audience, and tailor your eBook to suit them. No matter what industry you are in, people are almost always willing to give up their email address in exchange for useful information. Just make sure it’s useful – and that it’s instantly available to download once the email address is confirmed. Lead generation is an effective way of growing your business. Conversion rates for eBook giveaways are often as high as 10-12 percent, much higher than other forms of lead gen. What are you waiting for?  

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