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How We Use eBooks To Grow Our Email List and Make Money

Turgay Birand

November 23, 2016

email list At EditionGuard we use eBooks to not only educate our audience, but also to grow our email list and make money. We truly believe that every business should be creating eBooks and in this post you will see why.

Why Should Businesses Create eBooks?

  1. Establishes credibility
  2. Generates qualified leads
  3. Easier than ever to publish and sell
  4. Proven strategy to grow email list
While the first three benefits listed above are important, let’s focus on the last benefit. Growing an email list is crucial for all businesses, especially online businesses. If your business has a website, you most likely have a blog. In fact most businesses would consider a blog a no-brainer. After all, without a blog you are very limited in your ability to educate your audience, generate traffic and increase your search ranking. Most blogs offer a subscription option that requires an email. This option increases repeat readers, but also helps businesses grow their email list. Why is an email list so important? Here are a few of the many benefits:
  1. Provides a direct line of communication between you and potential customers
  2. Email list can be used for targeting advertisements
  3. Almost all people check their email daily
  4. Website visitors rarely return after their first visit unless you give them a reason to
Is your business actively building an email list? If not you should start now. Offering a blog subscription option is a great start, but let’s look at an even more effective strategy.

How We Use eBooks To Grow Your Email List

Think of an eBook as a lead magnet. When you create an eBook covering a topic many people are interested in, they will be willing to give you their email address in order to read it. Unlike a blog post, eBooks are sent as a digital file that can be downloaded. Naturally, email is the easiest way to send this file. This means every person that reads your eBook will provide their email. Even the best blog in the world would be lucky get emails from 10% of their readers, which is what makes eBooks so powerful. At EditionGuard we offer an eBook to every person that reads one of our blog posts. There are several tools available to do this, we prefer to use SumoMe. SumoMe is packed with features, including one called a Welcome Mat. Below is an example of a Welcome Mat we currently have on our blog: email list   In comparison to our blog newsletter, this Welcome Mat generates 5x as many email signups per week. The best part is that this eBook was not difficult to create. It contains 10 chapters and is about the length of 6-8 of our regular blog posts. Creating the eBook and getting a professional cover made took less than two week from start to end. Not a bad investment for the return we are getting.

How You Can Use eBooks To Grow Your Business’s Email List

Ready to create an eBook for your business? Below are the simple steps you should follow to create an intriguing eBook in 2 weeks or less:
  1. Find the 10 most popular posts on your blog
  1. Identify the common theme amongst these posts
  1. Use this common theme to create an in-depth eBook
  1. Decide on a title for your eBook
  1. Hire a professional to create a few cover designs (websites like Fiverr and Upwork have cheap deals)
  1. Finalize your eBook and set up a Welcome Mat or landing page
  1. Use SumoMe to collect emails and automatically build your list
  1. Use a service like MailChimp to engage your email list with new content regularly
It really is that easy! So, the only question is: why don’t you get started now?

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