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EditionGuard Presents: Thieves of Eden

Turgay Birand

February 21, 2014

About Thieves of Eden

Thieves of Eden by Robert Simon Siegel with art by C.S. Hopkins revolutionizes an old medium with new tech. Comic books have been around since the 30s, and while Marvel and DC attempt to shift toward the digital publishing revolution, Siegel and Hopkins are taking it by storm by creating a digital-only comic book. Thieves of Eden debuted in January and has everything comic book junkies love: a fabulous story filled with intrigue combined with artwork that brings it all to life. In the comic, four characters meet only to discover they are in a game with very high stakes: the life of the planet. Their opponent, hidden for 6,000 years under the surface of the planet, has maneuvered everything to keep humans from realizing they are in a game. In order to win, the group must combine the knowledge of their ancient elders with science to form an energy device that may just save earth in the nick of time. Exciting and fast-paced, Thieves of Eden will appeal not only to traditional comic book readers but to older teen and adult audiences who have fallen in love with dystopian stories like Hunger Games and Divergent.

Where You Can Buy Thieves of Eden

Thieves of Eden is self-published and available in ePUB, ePDF, and ePUB for Apple either by subscription or as a graphic novel. Visit the Thieves of Eden website to learn more.

About the Author of Thieves of Eden

Robert_biopicRobert Simon Siegel wrote Thieves of Eden as a fiction thriller sharing knowledge and from his personal trainings in several wisdom traditions. Choosing comics over his former identity as a psychophysiologist, stress specialist, corporate wellness trainer and Energy Health/Qigong Instructor, Robert integrates cutting-edge science with ancient wisdom to penetrate the veils cloaking current reality from its grander possibilities. Siegel is also the author of Six Seconds to True Calm: Thriving Skills for 21st Century Living.

About the Artist of Thieves of Eden

Chris_biopicChris Hopkins is a comic artist and cartoonist based out of Richmond, Virginia. He specializes in creating character designs heavily influened by Mort Drucker, Jack Davis and Frank Frazetta. Chris is as a freelance comic artist and co-writer, who has described  THIEVES OF EDEN as a “welcomed breath of fresh air with its positive, hopeful, thought-provoking material and scope.”

Benefits of the Adobe DRM System and EditionGuard

One of the most wonderful benefits of using Adobe Digital Editions for publishing ebooks is that the artwork and illustrations maintain their original brilliance. This is particularly true for comic books like Thieves of Eden. Additionally, Adobe DRM and EditionGuard offer indie authors the ability to provide a variety of options for publishing. If you're using EditionGuard and would like us to consider your publication for an EditionGuard Presents review, contact us. Enter EditionGuard’s Facebook contest to win 6 months of editionguard free!

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