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Introducing EditionLink: The Simplest Way To Distribute Your eBooks

Turgay Birand

November 8, 2016

EditionLink We are happy to announce EditionLink, the simplest way to distribute your eBooks using EditionGuard. Over the past few months we have spoken to dozens of self-published authors and have heard one common thought: eBook piracy is becoming less of a concern and instead ease-of-use and compatibility are most important. Simply put, authors are looking for a convenient way to distribute their eBooks directly without the concern of compatibility issues. EditionLink is the solution. Here is how it works:
  1. Create an EditionGuard account
  2. Upload your eBook(s) in ePub, MOBI or PDF format
  3. Select EditionLink as your distribution option
  4. Link EditionGuard with your sales platform
  5. Readers buy your eBook and we automatically send them a link to claim their copy
No additional work is required beyond the initial setup. By choosing EditionLink as your preferred distribution option, a download link will be emailed to your customers automatically anytime they purchase one of your eBooks. You can set a specified expiration date for the link you send so it will not be available to download forever. What this means is that for the first time using EditionGuard you will be able to distribute eBooks that are compatible with every major reading device, including Kindle! EditionLink isn’t only convenient for you. It is also convenient for your readers. They will have the freedom to read your eBooks across several devices and will not have to worry about the need for specialized software like Adobe Digital Editions. While we know distributing eBooks with no piracy protection may not be the right choice for all of our users, we are very excited about the opportunity to serve the segment of the market that desires this type of raw distribution. After all, it is time we stop punishing legitimate buyers because of the actions of those who would never buy our eBooks anyways. With pricing plans starting at less than $1 per day, all authors should now be able to afford selling eBooks directly from their website or eCommerce store. To get started with your 30-day free trial, click here.

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