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Features and Benefits of Adobe DRM Technology


August 27, 2020

Is Adobe DRM technology right for you? The loss of more than $300 million a year to piracy makes a strong argument for digital rights management (DRM). Are you are an indie author looking to self-publish? A publishing house seeking a more cost-effective way to distribute books? A library or someone in the education industry? EditionGuard’s Adobe DRM solution is flexible and cost-effective, leaving you in control. 

What Is Adobe DRM Technology?

Adobe DRM is the most advanced encryption and access control technology in the industry. For an independent author or small business, access to Adobe DRM might be prohibitive because of the cost. But EditionGuard provides the technology through a partnership with Adobe. Get started easily and affordably with simple integrations and a robust API. Indie authors get powerful protection for their creative work and total control on how it is implemented with Adobe DRM. 

Adobe DRM Display Permissions

By default, Adobe DRM limits your file link to one device, and the download will only work once. However, as an author, you may want to allow your readers to download your book on multiple devices, and you can adjust the display permissions to allow either the single download or the maximum of six (Adobe doesn’t allow you to choose a number between the two). All subsequent activations are required to use the same Adobe ID. This prevents your purchaser from sharing the purchase beyond their own account. Adobe DRM provides you with the perfect balance between protecting your content and giving your customer the freedom to read your books on multiple devices. (Many people switch between a tablet and a phone, for example). 

Adobe DRM Printing Permissions

You have full control over whether or not content you sell can be printed or copied. For example, if you are an indie author, you may want to prevent any copying or printing of your material to avoid theft. However, if you are a professor or a corporation with content you need to allow your students to print a copy of, you have the ability to change those permissions. 

Adobe DRM Copy Permissions

Using EditionGuard’s Adobe DRM, you maintain control over how long someone has access to your content. For example, you can expire transactions, making library implementations possible. You control the expiration. Adjust access in your API settings or your rights management page. You can set a specific amount of time after the ebook is downloaded that it will expire and be “returned.” 

EditionGuard’s Adobe DRM is a sophisticated and powerful solution. It protects your content without limiting your ability to meet your customers’ needs. Our partnership with Adobe makes it an affordable solution for every indie author, professor, library, and publisher, Learn more

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