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Fiction eBook Writer Tools: Personal Connections with Readers

Turgay Birand

July 8, 2014

The non-fiction eBook writer has a plethora of tools at his or her disposal, including professional knowledge or reputation, clients or business partners to help promote the eBook, and education that allows the author to be considered an expert. In many ways, it can be easier for the non-fiction eBook author to reach an audience because the writer is often targeting a niche audience or offering specialized information. While competing in a larger arena,  the fiction eBook writer likewise has tools, albeit of a different variety.

Fiction eBook Authors: The Best Tool

One of the biggest tools the fiction eBook writer has is personality. Fiction readers and fans love getting to know the author behind the eBook. Engaging with your fans and readers – responding to emails, blogging, hosting online chats on social media, sending newsletters – can create a personal connection between you and your readers that makes them invested in your success. To be successful, however, you have to be genuine. You need to be gracious about criticism and grateful for praise. Be real with your readers and be accessible to them. Your readers can be your secret to better success if you just let them.

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