How eBook Fulfillment Services Work: For Authors & Publishers

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How eBook Fulfillment Services Work: For Authors & Publishers


January 6, 2021

Choosing an eBook fulfillment service is a big decision for authors and publishers. The fulfillment service you choose will be the interface that your readers must interact with to purchase your ebooks. The more user-friendly the ebook fulfillment services are, the better. However, it also needs to have the functionality that you, as an author or publisher, need.

How Do I Get Started with the eBook Fulfillment Process?

eBook fulfillment services begin by the author or publisher uploading the ebook file. There are specific formatting requirements and file type requirements for each fulfillment service. Before getting to the point of uploading the ebook, you’ll need your cover art file and your edited and proofed ebook file. You’ll also need to know details, such as the title of the book, the author’s name (if you’re a multi-author publisher), and pricing information.

Choosing the Right DRM for Your eBook

Once you’ve uploaded the files in EPUB, Mobi, or PDF, you’ll need to select the type of DRM you want to apply. When you use EditionGuard for ebook fulfillment, you can choose from Adobe DRM or DRM by Readium LCP. You will also have the option of our proprietary DRM options, EditionMark and EditionLink.  Depending on the DRM option you choose, you will have additional parameters – DRM permissions – you’ll need to determine for each book, such as printing restrictions, number of devices, and expiration date of the content (for libraries, for example).

Connecting EditionGuard to Your Website

The final step in the process is to connect your ebook fulfillment solution to your website. EditionGuard has developed APIs to make it a simple “click and connect” process with a one-time setup that connects EditionGuard with any major eCommerce platform, such as Shopify, WordPress or Magento.

EditionGuard lets authors and publishers stay focused on writing and selling by making fulfillment easy, secure, and automated.

To learn more about the process, visit our How it Works page.

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