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How to Become a Digital Book Publisher


January 29, 2020

Have you ever thought of becoming a book publisher? There is an opportunity to step into a potentially lucrative market while helping independent authors get published at the same time. When you think about how to become a book publisher, the first few steps are no different than they would be for any other business: form an LLC or corporation and put together a business plan.

Why Become a Book Publisher?

Today’s book publisher is not quite the same organization as the traditional book publisher. There is a much bigger emphasis on digital publishing and audiobooks today than on traditional print publishing, and that’s why we think there might be a gap in the market that will allow new publishers to enter. Yes, the traditional publishers have caught on and are entering the digital publishing space out of necessity, but along the way, many publishers went out of business or consolidated because they didn’t respond quickly enough to the changing market.

Authors Still Want and Need a Publisher

Here’s a little secret: for every independent author who is happy to do everything on their own to publish their books, there are a dozen authors who just want to write and are happy to hand everything over to a publisher who can help get the book edited and proofed, design the cover, handle the marketing, and in most cases, ensure more sales and far more credibility.

Special Considerations in Publishing

One of the most critical differences when opening a publishing business versus other types of business is to make sure you’ve protected yourself. An inadvertent usage of a licensed image or a passage of material in a book you publish that has a copyright infringement can quickly escalate out of control. Protecting your business with great legal advice and solid liability insurance is essential.

Managing Intellectual Property

Ask any independent author who thought publishing their book independently was an easy way to get rich quick and they’ll tell you: Most indie authors only make a few dollars to a few hundred dollars a year on sales. Worse yet, many of the authors end up finding their book available illegally on questionable websites as a PDF. As a publisher, you can not only help increase sales by providing professional cover designs and marketing services, but you can help your authors protect their works by providing a cost-effective DRM solution.

Why Publishers Partner with EditionGuard

EditionGuard works with publishers of all sizes. We use Adobe's DRM system to protect content, which is compatible with many e-Commerce systems. In addition, you can use our APIs to build out any kind of business solution that involves the secure distribution of eBooks.

If you are an author or publisher looking to safeguard your digital assets, get in touch with us to start a 30-day free trial. Our services are easy to integrate with your website, with the more popular e-commerce environments supported by our turnkey solution. EditionGuard offers industry-leading DRM solutions at affordable, fixed monthly installments.

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