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How to Drive More Leads for your eBook


March 3, 2021

To drive more leads for your ebook, you will require a multipronged approach. As an independent author, you’re often responsible for your own marketing. Learning how to drive more leads for your ebook as efficiently as possible can help you achieve success. There are multiple angles from which you should attempt to drive leads. We’ll go over the most effective methods here.

Why Do I Need to Drive Leads for My eBooks?

As an independent author without the benefit of a major publishing house behind you, sales begin and end with your own efforts. Generating leads lets you not only sell your existing ebook but build a list of loyal readers who will be there for each subsequent release. These people can become beta readers, a street team, and your first reviewers.

A Newsletter Helps Sell your eBook

Whether you call them your street team or your minions or something else, building up a team of loyal followers who will help amplify your effort at promoting your ebook. The people who sign up to receive your newsletter are the leads realized from the efforts you make to drive more leads for your ebook. These leads are the people who will help you spread the word about new titles, launch parties, prelaunch sales, and cover reveals.

How to Drive More Leads for your eBook

The best way to get leads is to be active in writer and reader communities on these three social media platforms.

Twitter: Twitter has an active and supportive writing community, which you can connect with through the hashtags #writingcommunity and #amwriting.

Facebook: You should have a Facebook author page, but the real action happens at the group level. Create a group that your fans can join where you can update them, offer them exclusive first access and more.

Instagram: Because it is such a graphic-intensive platform, Instagram is an excellent platform for authors. You can host cover reveals and giveaways, share quotes from reviews, and invite people back to your website to sign up for your newsletter.

Additional Social Media Platforms for Authors

Depending on your ebook genre, other social platforms may be useful. If your target market is businesses and business owners for your non-fiction ebook, promoting your ebook through LinkedIn can be an effective way to generate more ebook leads.As well, if your ebook is targeted to YA or younger, it may be wise to consider platforms like SnapChat and TikTok.

Generating More eBook Leads Beyond Social Media

Engaging with readers can help you grow a loyal following, not only for the ebook you are currently marketing, but for all subsequent titles. One of the best ways to do that is through GoodReads. All you have to do is claim your author profile there and you can complete interview questions, follow fellow authors, and provide people with links to your website.

Author Website

An author website is one of the most effective methods for marketing your ebooks. It provide you with a forum from which you can engage your readers. It also gives you a proven way for capturing the leads you collect. Offer a free story or other giveaway to get your leads to sign up for your newsletter. A newsletter is by far the most effective method of marketing. You can even create an ecommerce site and sell your ebooks directly to your leads.

As you learn how to drive more leads for your ebook, make an effort to engage. The effort you make engaging with and responding to readers creates loyal fans. Being responsive and accessible can help you grow your following more quickly. EditionGuard provides a variety of solutions to make your website a bookselling powerhouse. In a few clicks, get industry-leading DRM and digital fulfillment in your existing site or app. Learn more.

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