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How to Generate Ideas for Your eBook

Turgay Birand

October 17, 2013

If there’s a budding writer inside you but you simply cannot figure out what to write about, the best advice we have is to start with something you know. Here are some of our favorite ebook-generating ideas. Write What You Know The best way to become a credible and trusted author is to write about that which you already have some experience or expertise in doing. Do you love to cook and have favorite recipes you would love to share? Do your recipes have stories or memories that go with them? Create a recipe book. Do you have a unique travel experience in your line of work or while raising your children? Share your story! Write What You Like to Read Which books and magazine articles are you most likely to become engrossed in? If a particular topic is interesting to you, it’s also likely to be interesting to many others. With a little research and some tenacity, you can write an ebook that will capture an audience of like-minded readers.

Write About What You Want to Know

If you’ve always wanted to learn more about something, whether it’s the history of lighthouses or why cars no longer need carburetors, learn about the topic that interests you the most, and then share what you’ve learned in the form of an ebook. Who knows? It could even turn into a series of ebooks! How do you come up with ideas for your ebooks? Let us know! Image Source: DaSh factor

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