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Launch Your Speaking Career with an eBook


May 19, 2020

We’ve been talking about the benefits of publishing ebooks for businesses and business professionals. Publishing an ebook can bring credibility to your brand, generate leads and higher revenue, and it can launch your speaking career.

Why Are Speaking Gigs So Important?

If you really want to stand out in your industry as a leading expert, you have to be the one giving people the knowledge, guidance, and inspiration they need to do their jobs better. Not only can speaking gigs put you in front of your colleagues, but it can make you visible to companies who might need your expertise and hire you. You can also make a great deal of money if you become a sought-after public speaker and build a speaking career.

A Book Is Like a Golden Ticket for Your Speaking Career

Being a published author in your field sets you apart from others. When event professionals are booking people to speak and they have to choose between someone who has writing credits and someone who does not, they will almost always choose the person with writing credits to their name. It not only makes you look more professional to have a published book but it also elevates the caliber of the event at which you will be speaking.

What Kind of eBook Works Best for Landing Speaking Gigs?

The ebook you choose to write should reveal insight into your industry, offer solutions people need, or give readers a plan of action to be successful. It can be challenging to find a topic that no one else has written about, but if you focus on a very specific piece of your industry or a pain point that has not been solved, you may find it easier to gain the attention of the event professionals who do the booking.

How Do I Get Started as a Public Speaker?

Since most events right now are virtual anyway, it’s easier to get started because you don’t have to afford travel. Instead, invest in a good background for your Zoom or Skype; reach out to event professionals as well as to local SCORE offices, and look for related industries that host things like podcasts or YouTube channels that might be interested in having you on their program. Be sure to share every event before, during, and after so that you gain visibility; you’ll find that once you do a few speaking events, more people will be comfortable inviting you to participate.

An ebook opens doors for business professionals. From helping you build credibility in your industry and land a better job to making your brand stand out, ebooks for business can be portkeys to success.

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