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Make More Money Selling eBooks with Better Marketing


April 23, 2020

It can be difficult to reach your audience on social media unless you’re willing to pay for advertising. Boosting posts on Facebook can be an effective way to expand your reach, but if you have an email list, why pay Facebook when you can reach an entire audience with ebook email marketing? With effective ebook email marketing, you can make more money selling ebooks.

Email Marketing Is More Effective

According to a study by McKinsey, email marketing is more effective than social media marketing. 91% of people check their email every day. And with more people working from home and staying home, a lot of them are looking for good books to read. Even if you have a small list, you should not be ignoring their potential. Make it easy for them to share the email with their friends with a share link.

It All Starts with the Subject Line

If you want to make more money selling ebooks through email marketing, the first step is creating a subject line that will grab the reader’s attention, get them to open the email, and from there, click on your link and buy your book. How do you know if it’s a good subject line? Try one of these subject line testers recommended by HubSpot. Our favorite is the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer from Advanced Marketing Institute.

Subject Lines that Open Emails

There are certain types of subject lines that are more likely than others to get the email opened.


Do you have your ebook on sale for a limited time? If you want to make more money selling ebooks, send out an email letting your readers know that they can get your ebook for a discounted price – but only for a limited time. It urges them to act immediately so that they don’t miss the deal.


Clickbait works for a reason: we want to know the 25 secrets from “Friends” that have never before been revealed. You can use that knowledge to create interest in your email. You could try something like, “25 truths you’ll discover reading detective novels” or “5 ways to be more productive (and have more time to read).


Inviting readers to big events, like cover reveals or book launch or a Q & A with the author can be an enticement to readers to open your email.

Of course, it doesn’t stop with the email subject – you need to have a message inside that provides the reader with whatever you promised in the subject line. Whether the email is all about your ebook or you’re inviting them to participate in or read something else and also mentioned that your ebook is for sale, email marketing will help you make more money selling ebooks.

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