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EditionGuard now supports Readium LCP

Turgay Birand

November 2, 2020

Since 2012, we've been offering Adobe's e-book DRM solution as our core technology. And while that hasn't changed and we will continue being committed to deliver this solution to our customers, we've also seen that it is not always the best fit for every scenario. Therefore, we've launched support for Readium LCP as an alternative to Adobe DRM, which is available to all users of EditionGuard as of October 30th 2020.

You may ask, "why Readium LCP?" or "why don't you build your own technology?" which are fair questions that we'll try to address in this post.

We like open collaborations like Readium LCP

We'd much rather be a part of an open collaboration like Readium than build something in our quiet corner. It exposes us to fresh ideas offered by our peers in the publishing industry.

As part of the non-profit Readium foundation, we're able to support a cause born out of real needs of publishers. All the while, it gives us the ability to offer the fruits of collaboration to our own customers.

We think very highly of all our peers in Readium and we are proud to be part of it. Our belief is that Readium holds the best interests of publishers across the world at heart. And they uphold good user experience standards.

Adobe has been slow to innovate, competition is good

Another reason we're offering an alternative technology is, the lack of innovation on Adobe's end. Their technology remains the most widely adopted one that we're happy to keep promoting and delivering. But Readium LCP fills a gap where emerging needs can be met due to being a more contemporary and active.

We've often seen small to mid scale customers struggle with the difficulties in running an Adobe system. And that is no surprise of course, since they aren't really Adobe's target audience. But we do wish to serve all customer segments well. Readium LCP is many times a much better fit especially at smaller scales.

We want our users to have more options with different UX possibilities

Finally, Readium LCP is another product on our shelves. It means another option, a potentially different way to conduct business for our customers. And in many cases, it entails a better user experience for end users.

It may not be the best choice for everyone, but we believe it will please many. It is simpler yet very robust and secure as a DRM solution. (Readium LCP uses very similarly advanced encryption and hashing algorithms to Adobe DRM for security)

We encourage all our current and old customers to give it a spin. They are available as an option on your account dashboard while uploading books. Please give it a try and as always we'd love to hear your valuable thoughts and feedback!

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