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Selling Your eBook Takes Marketing Right


March 19, 2020

Writing and publishing your ebook is only part of the work you'll have to do to find success; to be able to sustain your publishing business or independence as an author, you'll also need to be able to find success selling your ebook. Marketing an ebook requires you to have an audience, a platform to market it, and a clear idea of the niche the ebook is in.

Finding Your Audience

There is no sense in marketing your ebook to every reader. You need to know who will read your book. To help narrow it down, consider what types of authors write books similar to yours. Are you a horror author who might attract Stephen King readers? Are you a business author with specialized expertise in a niche market? You need to know who is most likely to read your book and emphasize most of your marketing to them. In some cases, you may have a secondary audience. For example, if you wrote a book about real estate, Realtors might be your primary market, but if you talk about commercial leases, you might have a secondary market with retail experts and lease administrators.

Choosing Your Platform

Regardless of where or how you publish your book, your marketing platforms should include social media, email marketing, a website, and other advertising as needed. On social media, the general guide is that fiction books market more effectively on Facebook, where you can boost Facebook posts and target certain demographics - such as Stephen King fans. Non-fiction books, especially business, motivational, and industry-specific books market better on LinkedIn, where you can target based on job title, company size, and industry. The goal is to stretch your ad dollars as far as possible while reaching the most clearly targeted audience that you can.

Identifying Your Niche

Much like the work you do to identify your audience, you need to identify the niche within which your book falls. The more clarity you can have about your book - narrowing down from the broad subject matter to the granular - the more likely it will be that you can market it effectively. Knowing your niche can help you with everything from finding specialized markets, clubs, and groups to whom you can market the book to using the right hashtags.

Writing a book is tough work, but marketing it can be even tougher. You have to know who will read it, where they'll see you, and what kind of book it is to be successful.

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