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The Four Best eBook DRM Solutions


October 28, 2020

As an ebook author or publisher, you must make many decisions. One of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make about your ebook fulfillment options is about digital rights management (DRM). Which ebook DRM solutions are right for you?

There are a variety of ebook DRM options to choose from. The level of DRM you choose will depend on your target audience. For example, a university may want more stringent DRM than a romance author in a highly competitive niche. A business publication may need more strict control to protect intellectual property than a fiction author who self-publishes.

What Are the Four Best eBook DRM Solutions?

When it comes to choosing an ebook DRM solution, ebook authors and publishers are constantly balancing between user experience and security. It does no good to put out an ebook that everyone can pirate; you won’t make any money. On the other hand, if your ebook is too difficult to access, you also won’t make any sales. The four best ebook DRM solutions are Adobe DRM, Readium, EditionMark,and EditionLink. Here, we compare the four options. They are all included with EditonGuard plans.

Adobe DRM

Adobe DRM is the most powerful DRM solution. It is also the most popular choice. This is because it controls literally every aspect of ebook fulfillment. You can control when, for whom, for how long, and on how many devices your ebooks are available. It requires the reader to have an Adobe account and to download the Adobe editions app. It is an ideal solution for libraries, universities, and corporations.

Readium DRM

Readium is an open-source DRM. It controls most aspects of the ebook fulfillment process. Where Adobe DRM is restricted to the person who downloads the ebook, Readium uses a passphrase to access the content. This means there is some risk that the content would be shared. Readium is slightly less costly and slightly less restrictive, so may be a good candidate for nonfiction authors, professors, and indie publishers responsible for protecting their clients’ work.


EditionMark is far less restrictive. eBooks can be shared easily, although there is a watermark on the pages that identify the purchaser, so it does limit the range of sharing. It is very easy to use and can be used with any ebook reader app.


EditionLink is the least restrictive ebook DRM solution. Complete your ebook fulfillment with a single link. Share your ebook with ease and downloaded multiple times. For a brand-new indie author who does not have a following and is more concerned about getting their name and content visible than with earning royalties, this may be the best option. Because it focuses on reader experience over security, it’s also a good option for writers in niche categories with high levels of competition.

Your EditionGuard plan makes it easy for authors and publishers of all types to choose an ebook fulfillment service and ebook DRM solution that works for them. The four best ebook DRM solutions are included in every EditionGuard plan. You can see a side-by-side comparison of these ebook DRM solutions here.  

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