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The Optimum Price for Your eBook: Update

Turgay Birand

October 9, 2013

When ebooks first started becoming popular, the sell price of 99 cents was the magic number. The mindset of indie authors was, “If I sell a million copies at a dollar each, I’ll make [nearly] a million dollars.” The thinking was that lower-priced books would ensure the sale of  more copies than those of a higher price. As it turns out, pricing an ebook too low can be detrimental to an author’s success. The price for your ebook is a critical element in your success. eBooks priced at 99 cents were dismissed by readers in many cases as being of low value or low quality. Indie authors quickly caught on, and now most realize that ebooks should be priced somewhat higher than 99 cents. Last year the optimum price was $2.99; this year, it’s $3.99, according to new data. The price of $3.99 seems to be that which makes readers perceive the quality and content of the book to be higher while still being a comfortable price to pay for something they don’t get to hold in their hands. If you’re ebook is priced lower than $3.99, you run the risk of not realizing as much profit as you could; if you’re priced over $3.99, you may be missing sales. Obviously, if your book is very short or very long, has complicated graphics or otherwise demands a different price, this guidance may not apply to you. But for the majority of indie authors who are selling creative fiction, $3.99 is the magic number. Image Source: MorgueFile

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